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How bad are things for science right now, in the US and elsewhere.

An Interview With Dennis Overbye

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Expert: Dennis Overbye

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How would you describe the state of science journalism. I think the readership now is very fragmented. He curses with style. The easiest way to register your disapproval would be to simply write the story on the spot and print it.

I think you probably have to take it field by field. On a shelf, Einstein dolls with beady eyes are falling all over each other like three stooges in a miniature costume contest. There are at least three problems that I have with similar statements about frustration, depression, confusion, and ominous signs in particle physics of recent years: But the bar for an exoplanet getting into the news now is really high.

How do you know when a story is ripe for the New York Times?. Dennis Overbye (born June 2, in Seattle, Washington) is a science writer specializing in physics and cosmology.

Biography Overbye received his B.S. in physics from M.I.T. —where he was a member of the Alpha. Mr. Overbye's reporting can range from zero-gravity fashion shows and science in the movies to the status of Pluto, the death of the Earth and the fate of the universe.

He joined The Times in A New York Times science writer, Dennis Overbye had spent years researching Einstein's personal letters, traveling places Einstein lived, studied, worked and even climbed. Overbye combines the tremendous amount. Dennis Overbye topic.

Dennis Overbye (born June 2, in Seattle, Washington) is a science writer specializing in physics and cosmology. Biography Overbye received his B.S.

An Interview With Dennis Overbye

in physics from M.I.T. —where he was a member of the Alpha Mu chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma —in Dennis Overbye is a top science writer and his new text in the New York Times, Yearning for New Physics at CERN, in a Post-Higgs Way is also pretty good.

Dennis Overbye

New York Times Science Writer Dennis Overbye. Credit: Nancy Wartik Overbye graduated from M.I.T.

Dennis Overbye

with a physics degree, failed to finish a novel and then worked as a writer and editor at Sky and Telescope and Discover magazines.

Dennis overbye science writer
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Expert: Dennis Overbye | Accelerating Science: Particle Physics at CERN